A young Keith Barlow helping his dad (Robert J. Barlow) on the job back in 1980!

Keith Barlow is still continuing on the family business today!



Keith Barlow and Barlow Inc. are well-known in the area for quality construction and piling installation, and were even featured on the popular television show Lake Life in 2015!


Robert J. Barlow Inc. values the community and your business, so we will be up and ready to work regardless of the season.


With three generations of tried and true pile installation on the Gulf Coast, you can rest assured that you have the best men for the job! 

Robert J. Barlow Inc.


Telephone:      251-978-1154
E-mail: keithbarlow@barlowinc.net

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*All photos were taken by Bridget Barlow, Keith Barlow or Richard Henderson of jobs done by Robert J. Barlow Inc.*